Death of Elizabeth II – Queen of New Zealand

On behalf of the Aotearoa New Zealand Jewish community, the New Zealand Jewish Council sends its condolences to the family of the late Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand, and wishes them long life.

During her long reign she was an example to all by showing steadfast dedication to duty, to values and behaviour which are admired and aimed for by Jews, and with her sympathy for people suffering and in need.

Zichrona livracha – “May her memory and her example be for a blessing.“

World Jewish Congress Issues statement honoring Queen Elizabeth II

NEW YORK — Reacting to the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said:

“The World Jewish Congress and its more than 100 Jewish communities across the globe join the nation and people of the United Kingdom, and British Jewry in mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, during whose 70-year reign Jewish communities in Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and across the Commonwealth have flourished and grown in peace and security. Queen Elizabeth’s was a life of service and faith, in which love of country, Commonwealth, God, and family was the supreme value.”

“She and her family were beloved symbols of resistance to Nazi tyranny, refusing to leave London during the worst times of the Blitz and standing in solidarity under siege with their compatriots. The young Priness Elizabeth was an inspiration and source of comfort to Anne Frank in her hiding place in Amsterdam, and in 2015, she and her late husband, Prince Philip, visited the former Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany where Anne Frank died to commemorate its liberation by British troops. Queen Elizabeth’s refusal to flinch in the face of evil, but instead to fight it with every formidable fiber of her character, will be an inspiration for generations to come.”

“On behalf of Jewish communities across the globe, I extends our deepest condolences to her family, and to the nation and people of the United Kingdom. May her memory and her example be for a blessing.”