Terrorist attacks in Israel

Terrorist attacks in Israel – 11 murdered in one week

We are deeply distressed by the attack overnight in Israel in which five people have been murdered by a Palestinian with terrorist affiliations. In the last week, 11 Israelis have been murdered in three separate attacks, the previous two being ISIS-inspired. The murder of anyone going about their lawful lives should transcend politics and unite all people of conscience in condemnation and concern, wherever it occurs and whoever the victims and perpetrators are. As our survey released today shows, antisemitism is on the rise in Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as around the world. It is both a legal right and a moral imperative that the Jewish people are able to live safely in their historic homeland and seek refuge from the antisemitism that has stalked us for millennia.  

For more information please contact Juliet Moses, NZ Jewish Council spokesperson (phone 021 944 628)